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Our Policies
Our Policies

To be a preferred brand with the sense of trust we provide, always taking the leading position in the sector we operate in; In addition, our vision is to be among the world brands by constantly improving our knowledge and technological level.

Our quality policy

Our aim: To ensure customer focus and stakeholder satisfaction in our organization.

What we do for our purpose;

- To have qualified and responsible employees with our Continuous Education approach by providing leadership qualities to all our employees,
- To work in a planned and systematic way by prioritizing the principle of quality and efficiency, ensuring the participation of all our employees in the processes with a team spirit,
- Considering the needs of the sector, following advanced technology, focusing on R&D and P&D studies,
- Our approaches are based on data, to comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System, to be focused on continuous improvement and differentiation,
- To continue our product-service works respectfully to laws and the environment,
- By announcing our Quality Policy, to ensure that all our employees adopt our goals.

OHS Policy

Our Purpose: To create a safe and healthy working environment for employees and all stakeholders.

What we do for our purpose;

- To protect our stakeholders from work-related injuries and diseases, to prevent occupational accidents during the production and services we perform,
- To reduce risks and accidents by determining dangers with preventive approaches,
- To ensure the continuous improvement of our OHS performance by acting in accordance with the legal legislation and other binding regulations on Occupational Health and Safety (OHS),
- To carry out the necessary announcement, training and awareness raising activities for the adoption and implementation of our OHS management system by all our employees.

Our environmental policy

Our Purpose: To take the necessary precautions to minimize our negative effects on the environment during all our activities.

What we do for our purpose;

- Determining our environmental impact during the production and services we perform, minimizing the negative effects, if any, and ensuring continuous improvement,
- To take measures to use energy and resources effectively and to save continuously,
- To minimize the pollution of air, water and soil with appropriate techniques by keeping our waste under control,
- To act in accordance with the environmental legislation and other binding regulations,
- To carry out the necessary announcement, training and awareness-raising activities for the adoption and implementation of environmental awareness by all our employees.

Our Satisfaction Policy

Our aim: To provide the highest customer satisfaction.

What we do for our purpose;

- Creating effective and effective communication channels in order to understand customer expectations and respond quickly,
- To conclude all positive and negative notifications received in accordance with scientific rules in line with the principles of compliance with the law, impartiality and transparency,
- To continuously improve customer relations processes with employees who have a customer-oriented approach,
- To guarantee the confidentiality of customer information in these processes

Our Human Resources Policy

Our aim: To create an employee profile that believes in teamwork, fulfills its responsibilities in the desired quality and on time, abides by all ethical rules while achieving its goals, is innovative, open to change, and has high social responsibility and environmental awareness.

What we do for our purpose;

- Choosing the human resources of our company among those who have high development, competence suitable for the job, and will adopt and keep alive the company values,
- To create training opportunities and opportunities that increase the contribution of our employees to the company targets by ensuring their continuous development, and their success and efficiency in their duties,
- To evaluate and encourage our employees' success and working performance at work,
- Conducting Employee Satisfaction Surveys (ÇMA) in order to measure and continuously improve the motivation and satisfaction of our employees,
- Creating a professional work environment and career development opportunities for our employees,
- Keeping the performance of our employees at the highest level supported by training determined by the performance management system,
- To encourage our employees to work in teams and to create suitable environments,
- To enable our employees to present creative and innovative ideas.

Our Social Responsibility Policy

Our Purpose: Understanding the expectations of the society and carrying out projects in this regard.
What we do for our purpose;

- To raise awareness of employees and other stakeholders on social responsibility,
- To comply with the basic criteria determined in the areas of social responsibility (support for education, environmental awareness, investment in people, etc.),
- To encourage activities that will provide institutional and social development,
- Conducting social projects to reduce negative impacts,
- Paying attention to equal opportunities.

Our Information Security Policy

Our goal:

- The organization of information assets and information activities of our institution in accordance with the Information Security Management System (ISMS), documenting, documenting, ensuring their dissemination, raising awareness, protecting, ensuring their continuity and systematically managing the risks for these activities.
- Considering that any confidential / commercial / private information processed in the information systems within the scope and boundaries of the ISMS is the confidentiality of our institution or other institutions we work with, this information is confidential without our approval from any place / person / institution / organization or the knowledge / approval of our customer. / Unattainability is ensured by adhering to the conditions of accessibility.
- The ISMS policy is to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, to take into account the obligations or dependencies of third parties arising from contracts, provided that they remain within the scope and boundaries of the ISMS.
- Our organization declares that it will prove its commitment to the establishment, operation, monitoring, review, maintenance and improvement of the ISMS within the framework stated above by performing the following:

What we do for our purpose;

- ISMS objectives are defined and plans are made.
- Risk analyzes are made, risk assessments and risk criteria are set forth depending on the analysis results, and risk management is provided within this framework.
- Meeting information security objectives and compliance with information security policies, responsibilities against laws and needs for continuous improvement are defined.
- Adequate resources (financial, human resources, equipment, software, consultancy, training, etc.) are provided to establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and improve ISMS.
- Necessary studies are organized and managed to determine the risk acceptance criteria and acceptable risk levels.
- ISMS Policy is reviewed at least once a year and arrangements are made when deemed necessary and announced to the relevant parties.

Our Communication Policy

Our Purpose: To create the necessary communication environments for all stakeholders of Trakim Construction Chemicals and to provide effective communication.

What we do for our purpose;

- To ensure that all employees are aware of the vision, mission, values, policies and strategies and act in this direction,
- To develop communication methods for the development and dissemination of corporate culture,
- Creating environments that enable employees to protect corporate-specific information and documents and share them with appropriate people,
- Creating and maintaining transparent, correct and equal communication environments for all stakeholders,
- To support the personal, artistic, cultural and sportive development of the community representatives.

Our R&D Policy

Our Purpose: To conduct research and studies on new products, to improve existing products, to reduce costs.

What we do for our purpose;

- To follow technological developments,
- Continuously comparing competitor products and informing the relevant departments,
- Cooperating with institutions that produce information and technology,
- To follow the developments regarding raw materials continuously,
- To develop cooperation with raw material suppliers.

Our Sales and Marketing Policy

Our Purpose: To manage relations with customers in the most accurate way in order to exceed customer needs and expectations.

What we do for our purpose;

- To follow the prices in the market and to make pricing that can reach the target profitability and be purchased,
- To communicate effectively with customers,
- To be objective and consistent in customer relations,
- To understand customer needs and expectations correctly,
- Managing customer suggestions and complaints,
- Conducting a Customer Satisfaction Survey (MMA) to learn and increase customer satisfaction.

Our Production Policy

Our aim: To use the production facilities effectively and efficiently in order to produce at the desired quality and time.

What we do for our purpose;

- Working with maximum efficiency,
- Always comply with the work flow specified in the production processes and instructions,
- To comply with the rules stipulated by OHS and environmental management systems,
- To work to encourage teamwork,
- Ensuring that losses are minimized,
- Striving to recycle losses at the lowest cost.

Our Accounting and Finance Policy

Our goal: To manage financial resources effectively and efficiently, to minimize financial risks.

What we do for our purpose;

- To develop methods to use financial resources effectively and efficiently,
- Creating risk scenarios that will minimize financial risks (receivables, debts, investments, etc.),
- To process the records in accordance with the Uniform Chart of Accounts and Accounting Standards within the scope of the relevant legislation,
- Making necessary arrangements within the framework of the renewed legislation,
- Respecting confidentiality regarding financial information,
- To develop the effective reporting system and to ensure its timely delivery.

Our Purchasing Policy

Our Purpose: To maintain supplier relations, to provide the appropriate product at the most affordable price at the desired time.

What we do for our purpose;

- To get at least 3 offers,
- To be at least 3 people in bargaining and price negotiations,
Make sure to make a purchase contract,
- To work jointly with suppliers,
- To consider suggestions and complaints,
- To comply with the supplier evaluation procedure.